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If you are interested in contacting us, please use the following overview to find the correct contact for your needs.

Job Openings

How do I apply for a job at your company?

Unfortunately we currently have no job openings.


How do I submit a manuscript? Do you accept manuscripts from unagented writers?

Yes, we do accept manuscripts from unagented writers. However, we do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. In order to submit a manuscript to us for consideration, please send an email to to obtain further information how to submit your manuscript. Please do not submit your manuscript directly through this email address! It is for query letters only!.

Contact an Author

How do I write to an author? Can you give me an author's e-mail address?

While we cannot provide direct contact information for our authors, we encourage you to send an email to . Please include the author's name in the subject line of the email and we will be happy to forward it for you.


There are typos in one of our releases or our website I think you should correct. Where should I send a note?

If the typo is on our website, please send the complete URL of the page in question -- i.e. http://jasondarkseries.com/contact.php -- to and point out the mistakes.
If the error is found in one of our stories -- either in print or digital form, including our online reader -- please send the volume number of the story, its title and the errors in question to also.
We thank you very much for your concern.

Publicity Review Copies

I am a book reviewer and would like a copy of a particular book. Whom should I contact?

If you are requesting a review copy for publicity purposes, please email your request to , complete with your reviewing credentials.

Reprint Permissions

I would like to obtain permission to reprint parts of one of your stories or artwork from one of the stories. Who do I contact?

Written permission is required to reprint or reproduce material from any of our publications. Please send your request to .

General Company inquiries

How can I get in touch with you for general questions that do not fit in any of the above categories?

Please send an email to