A first look at the cover of "Fu Man Chu's Vampire"

February 13th, 2012

The next Jason Dark mystery is just around the corner, and fans of the series already know that it is titled "Fu Man Chu's Vampire." Firmly foreshadowed in "Curse of Kali," this adventure puts Jason Dark and Siu Lin face to face with infamous Chinese hopping vampires, called the Jiang Shi.

Those of you who have participated in our promotion to get a free advance copy of the book have already received their autographed advance copies of this intriguing supernatural mystery, all others will unfortunately have to be patient a little longer. To make the wait a little more tolerable, we are proud to give you s first glimpse at the cover of "Fu Man Chu's Vampire."

Synopsis: When ordinary measures are no longer enough, criminal mastermind Fu Man Chu makes use of a supernatural henchman to get his way. Soon, Scotland Yard is confronted with a series of unexplainable deaths that unsettle Victorian London, and Inspector Lestrade turns to occult detective Jason Dark and Siu Lin for help.

But as they look into the case, little do the ghost hunters suspect that the evil crime lord has already made them the vampire's next target!

Filled with enough mystery, drama and suspenseful action to transport you to the sinister streets of gaslit London, your encounter with the extraordinary awaits as a new nightmare emerges and an old nemesis returns.

Don't miss the eleventh Jason Dark supernatural mystery, arriving shortly for your reading enjoyment.

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