Volume 8: The Blood Witch
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Volume 8: The Blood Witch

An ancient curse resurfaces. From deep within the English forests, a hideous creature threatens to re-emerge, stronger than ever. Meanwhile, young girls are disappearing from the streets of London, and rumors of heinous rituals abound. Fearing for her very life, a young actress working at the famed Lyceum Theatre calls desperately on Jason Dark for help. On the eve of Walpurgis Night, the Geisterjäger meets another formidable enemy as he comes face to face with the Blood Witch. Who will prevail?

This is the eighth volume in a series of gothic horror adventures where Jason Dark, a fearless and resourceful ghost hunter, follows in the mold of a Sherlock Holmes combined with Randall Garrett's Lord D'Arcy. Written by Guido Henkel, the designer who brought Germany's famed "Das Schwarze Auge" series to computer screens, this series is filled with enough mystery, drama and suspenseful action to transport you to the sinister, fogshrouded streets of Victorian England. Your encounter with the extraordinary awaits.

The Blood Witch by Guido Henkel
Cover: Thu-Lieu Pham, Gary Crump • Series Editor: Thu-Lieu Pham • Editor: Terry Coleman
Release date: 2010-10-08

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October 12th, 2010 - Evil stalks young actress, Fiona Cowie. Fearing for her life, she calls on the esteemed Jason Dark for help. Can he save her - and himself - from the Blood Witch? Another entertaining, fast-paced adventure with a few well-timed twists to keep you turning the pages. I like the way Henkel cleverly drops historical figures and facts into his books. Bram Stoker even makes a cameo appearance in this volume. On a deeper level, Jason Dark and Siu Lin's relationship continues to evolve, the catalyst, a glimpse into Dark's private past. Next one, please.